About Me

I am a computer professional with over 25 years of experience. I realised that we are gradually shifting to on line shopping, specially the middle class. Shopping sites are many and increasing ever day. The biggest problem that we face today is, which site would be beneficial or suitable for my requirement. This thought struck my mind one day and I decided to develop a site with an intention to bring maximum possibilities and options under one umbrella suitable for almost all sections of society. Presently the site is under development, but I am sure, this will go viral after completion. Reactions and comments will help me build it more useful.

After completing my College and University in mathematics, I did MBA in the year 1985. The first course in computers I did from RCC (Regional Computer Centre), Jadavpur University, Calcutta and then from I.E.T.E ( Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers), Calcutta.

I came into Job from 1990. Initial 10 years I worked on Main Frames, Borough-6700 and ICIM-2904 and then shifted to open platforms, Oracle server.

Till date I have experience of working in six organisations ( big and medium ).

I started Web development, blog writing, content writing two-three years back as a fun and hobby. But later I realised the scope and potential. This is the best medium to share my experiences.

I may be contacted on my email : ravi.sinha970@gmail.com or you may write your message in comment box.

Ravi Shanker Sinha